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NL Wellness is a unique personal training and swimming coaching company based in Exeter founded by Nye Levett BSc.

NL Wellness specialises in safe, effective fat loss and expert swimming coaching, nutritional and dietary advice and tailored personal training. NL Wellness can help you increase your fitness and energy levels, improve your diet and advance your sporting performance or increase your swimming ability.

NL FitnessCamps

NL FitnessCamps is perfect for those who want to swim better. We target the entire body in a functional way- much like swimming. You will get much stronger helping your body positioning and streamlining on the water. You will improve your flexibility and mobility allowing you to be more streamlined and to get your limbs into the correct positions for efficient swimming. You will become far fitter when is integral to swimming performance and enjoyment.

Additionally our FitnessCamps are focused around those looking to lose fat. It is a result’s driven fat loss service that guarantee’s results (T&C’s apply)

Many of our campers have lost over 10kg in 3-4 months with us. The results have been amazing:

James has struggled to lose weight for years in various gyms. He came along to NL FitnessCamps and loved it. His focus and determination meant that he lost 11kg, dropped two clothing sizes and managed to knock over and hour and a half off his Devises to Westminster 125 mile canoe marathon personal best time. He is a keen swimmer doing the fat loss NL FitnessCamp his swimmer has progressed well.

Other clients have succeeded with losing several clothing sizes, avoided the need for surgery, running their first 5k or gone onto swimming.

Our company NL Wellness has been created so that people can use all our different services to achieve stronger, more supple, healthier bodies that can swim faster, longer and more efficiently. NL FitnessCamps will improve your swimming significantly, whether you’re looking to swim faster, get fitter or just improve.

Please get in touch for a FREE taster session with NL FitnessCamps. Get fitter, leaner and improve your swimming all at the same time.

Personal Training

Many swimmers massively underestimate the importance of land training to improve their strength, endurance, flexibility and power in the water. Swimming requires the use of the whole body especially the Latissimus Dorsi, the Triceps and the core. By developing these muscles on land in the most efficient way according to your aims your swimming will become stronger and more economical. Not only this, but we will develop your cardiovascular fitness considerably. There is a reason why swimmers have land based Strength and Conditioning sessions- because it is a crucial part of a swimmer’s training. Combining this with our NL Wellness swimming coaching programme you will see optimum results.

Whether you’re a competitive or recreational swimmer Personal Training at NL Wellness will help you to get the most out of your swimming and get the physique you want.

Swimming is an intense sport; swimmers are renowned for being fit, agile and strong. You need to be able to engage different muscles at different times in your stroke and have the strength to hold your body in specific positions at a given time. Targeted swim-specific personal training will support your swimming coaching programme with us and enable you to get even more from our sessions.

Flexibility and mobility are crucial in swimming. The lack of them lets many swimmers down. At NL Wellness we often find that we have the experience to help resolve many of our swimmers mobility issues massively improving their performance and enjoyment of the fantastic sport.

Most swimmers want to lose some body fat to make them more efficient and streamlined in the water, as fat loss experts we can help transform your body alongside your swimming programme making you feel better, look better and swim better!

Please contact us to find out our availability: Contact Us

  • "Three years ago I was obese and lacked confidence. Thanks to the simple diet plan and exercise from Nye I shed nearly five stone, my confidence is at an all time high and I've completely changed my lifestyle. I'm more active and have been achieving periodic goals while following my plan. Thank you Nye!"
    - Tony, 25, Launceston
  • "It took my friend a few months to convince me to give NL FitnessCamps a go, but after the first session I knew that this is something that I want to do. I tried my best to keep up with other boot campers. It wasn't easy but I stared to lose weight at very quick rate. Thanks to exercise and Nye's diet suggestions I have lost 10 kg within 6 weeks in nice and friendly atmosphere. I felt that I can ring or text Nye with any questions and that he will do his best to help. After seeing the results from the camp I have decided to sign up to a gym and again Nye was there to help me. I can't wait to start again in January."
    - Mario K
  • "I have been diagnosed with Osteoarthritis in my knee and was finding it very hard to do the walking and running I had started to do. While I was off sick following knee surgery Nye and I looked at my diet as I was losing it very slowly before. Since following his advice I have been losing weight much better and have a healthy relationship with food. One that is actually helping me lose weight without over worrying every day."
    - Lynda, 58

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