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Personal Training and Fat Loss Services

NL Wellness specialises in fat loss. We have helped 100’s of people reduce their body fat and improve their composition, whether for sports performance or for many different personal reasons. This links incredibly well to our swimming coaching as swimming is one of the most efficient methods of losing body fat.

We offer a unique coaching experience. You can come to our fully equipped studio, your coach can come to your door, or you can even train outside in a park or on a beach rolling around in the sand dunes!

We take a comprehensive multifaceted approach reflecting your needs as an individual and your personal goals. We approach your well-being in a highly specific manner according to what you feel you need. We don't just focus on 'eating less moving more', your neurological, physiological and psychological health will all be addressed to provide a tailored service.

Fat loss training should be safe and progressive. Most people simply don’t know the best ways to achieve it and thus try and fail over and over again. At NL Wellness you will achieve your weight loss goals in a safe, effective and timely manner. Our fat loss coaches will make sure of this.

Nutrition is the most important factor when your objective is weight loss. We provide ongoing nutrition support for your entire journey with us. We have helped individuals with eating disorders such as bulimia and anorexia to become healthier again. We know how tough changing eating behaviours can be. We are skilled at helping and motivating people to alter their lifestyle choices.

‘Dieting’ is not the answer. You can eat as much as you like following the protocol we use. There are no point systems, calorie counting, fat loss shakes, or commission based products with NL Wellness. We will show you how to eat healthily in an enjoyable and hassle-free way.

You can eat as much as you want and still see fantastic weight loss results.

Don’t worry about what has happened in the past, how old you are or how much you have let things slip. It is never too late. We incorporate a host of tried and tested approaches to help you with weight loss. We specialise in weight loss and use a variety of techniques to help you. Your stress levels will be reduced, your quality of life will be dramatically improved and using a host of kinetic chain assessments your posture, physical coordination and neurological systems will be assessed and improved. Ultimately you will feel and look fantastic.

Our team have intricate knowledge of the physiological and indeed psychological factors in achieving fat loss. We have worked with many overweight and obese people. Each individual has individual needs which we will tackle with you - after all personal training is supposed to be personal! Some of our clients have lost over 5 stone, more significantly they have kept it off.

Whether you’re completely new to exercise or an athlete Personal Training at NL Wellness will help you lose weight, develop your required fitness parameters and increase your strength, power and flexibility.

Many of those that come to us are shy at first but please feel free to ask any questions here: www.nl-wellness.com/contact

1-1 Personal Training

People have personal trainers for different reasons. At NL Wellness we specialise in helping people lose weight, and feel great. If you are sick and tired of trying to lose weight and failing this is your answer.

This is our most tailored, individual and personal service. It comes with a 100% money back guarantee that you will lose at least a clothing size in your first month if you follow the programme. Afterwards you will continue to see great results and a complete transformation of your physique.

You will first have a free initial consultation and then have a thorough in-depth kinetic chain assessment, nutritional assessment and health appraisal upon commencement of our fat loss course. A personalised programme with our support and in house training will then begin.

2-2-1 Semi-Personal Training

If you want to lose weight but feel disheartened, our support with the additional motivation of a friend makes semi-personal training with NL Wellness perfect for you. Both of you will achieve your fat loss goals with us but save some money.

  • Are you fed up with being too fat?
  • Are your back, hips and/or knees suffering?
  • Do you want to look great and feel lively, energetic and sexy?
  • Do you want to get more out of life?

We can help, and we will show you how to enjoy it as you go.

Our thorough and intensive course will enable both of you to achieve the fat loss results you want. Depending on your goals you will receive months of Personal Training sessions with one of our experienced fat loss coaches. The sessions will be varied and enjoyable and will incorporate the exercises which we have designed to promote your fat loss, increase your metabolic rate, strengthen your physique and improve your posture. We will also give you an achievable programme of exercises to do at home between our sessions. This will be accompanied by scientifically based nutrition advice. Like all our programmes this is not based on a calorie-controlled diet but upon following our nutrition protocol through eating the healthy and tasty foods we advise.

Do not worry if you think you have failed when you have tried losing weight in the past. Our coaches will help you.

4 week fat loss Personal training programme

More information coming soon.

  • "Three years ago I was obese and lacked confidence. Thanks to the simple diet plan and exercise from Nye I shed nearly five stone, my confidence is at an all time high and I've completely changed my lifestyle. I'm more active and have been achieving periodic goals while following my plan. Thank you Nye!"
    - Tony, 25, Launceston
  • "It took my friend a few months to convince me to give NL FitnessCamps a go, but after the first session I knew that this is something that I want to do. I tried my best to keep up with other boot campers. It wasn't easy but I stared to lose weight at very quick rate. Thanks to exercise and Nye's diet suggestions I have lost 10 kg within 6 weeks in nice and friendly atmosphere. I felt that I can ring or text Nye with any questions and that he will do his best to help. After seeing the results from the camp I have decided to sign up to a gym and again Nye was there to help me. I can't wait to start again in January."
    - Mario K
  • "I have been diagnosed with Osteoarthritis in my knee and was finding it very hard to do the walking and running I had started to do. While I was off sick following knee surgery Nye and I looked at my diet as I was losing it very slowly before. Since following his advice I have been losing weight much better and have a healthy relationship with food. One that is actually helping me lose weight without over worrying every day."
    - Lynda, 58

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